10 Signs You’re Ready to Move in with Her | Do’s and Don’ts of Moving In

Dating and building up a stable relationship is already hard enough. Relationships require constant communication and endless patience but moving on to the next step is even harder than the last. When all is said and done, a relationship that tested the hands of time demands more work than ever before. To be able to move on to the next phase of your commitment with your partner, it may be time for you both to move in and start a new life together. Here is a short guide to help you know if you’re ready to move in with your partner and all the important tips to take note of after doing so.


1.  No Pressure

One great sign of a stable relationship is when either you or your partner feel no pressure with each other. This implies that your relationship are so comfortable with everything which other couples would normally feel the opposite. It may actually be a sign that you both are ready to take the next step.

2. You Have Clothes In Her Closet

This is something to ponder about, do you or do you not have some clothes inside her closet right now? And also, are there any of your dirty laundry in her hamper as well? Then it’s practically like you two share the same washing machine. You and your partner are so comfortable with each other that even sharing the same hamper feels natural. All the better if you both don’t mind doing each other’s laundry.

 3. Your Sleepovers Are Starting to Become a Routine

Do you sleep at her place more often than at your own place? Has sleepovers and visits become a routine like stepping out of the office, the first place you head to is immediately her house? Then this might indicate that you’re most likely ready to move in together. Is your toothbrush in her bathroom? It already seems like you two are almost living together anyway why not seal the deal and make things official?


4. You Both Love Doing Nothing Together

Are there just some nights where you both just do your own thing inside the same room? Then this is definitely a great sign. Not everything that goes on in the relationship has to be something romantic or productive. In fact, a long lasting relationship involves a whole lot of nothing. If you and your partner feel so comfortable doing what you do as long as their presence is within your vicinity, then most likely you two would do just perfect living together already.

5. Both of You are Neutral with Expenses

Expenses can either make or break a couple when it comes down to the serious stuff. If you and your significant other can stay on the same level when it comes to financial issues then you both can agree on just about anything.

 6Your Social Life is Comfortably Stable

When you feel as though your relationship and social life are comfortably stable, then you surely won’t have any problems moving in together. Friend’s can be a huge factor in decision making and if they feel as though you’re taking things to the next level is a bad idea, then prepare to experience some complications between your friends and partner.


7. You’re not Moving In Just to Keep Her

One great sign in knowing if you’re ready to share the same roof with her is the fact that you’re not doing it just to keep her as your lover. More often than not, others tend to do whatever it takes to keep their significant other and it almost always ends up badly. When you start to have thoughts with living together just cause it feels right and the timing is perfect, then you know you’ve got a stable relationship going on.

8. Able to Compromise Well

Compromise is the most important word in every relationship. It’s inevitable to encounter struggles and fights with your partner along the way. To ensure that moving in together would go well what you need is compromise, understanding, and patience. If you feel as though you and your girl has got these in spades, then it’s probably the right time to buy some “his” and “hers” towels.


9. Discussing the Future Already

Have you ever found yourself discussing future plans with your partner? Of thinking about the future and seemingly can’t seem to picture it without her? Then this is an obvious sign that your relationship is a long and lasting one. To place the cherry on top, if you and your significant other discuss future plans in a natural and comfortable way then it’s time to take things up to the next level.

10. Finish Each Other’s Sentences

It’s a no-brainer to know that if you and your partner are already finishing each other’s sentences or even thinking identically then you two have moved up the normal standards of relationships. You know if you already passed the honeymoon stage if you and your partner have done each of your own businesses inside the bathroom at the same time. This shows how well you know each other and are at the peak of your relationship.

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Finding Single Women for Love and Marriage

There are billions of people in the cosmos, and finding the right one for you would be like picking a needle in a sandbag! It would be a great challenge to search the one that you’re looking for. Admit it, it’s in our nature to be so picky in terms of dating. We look for something that doesn’t even exist. We tend to be so perfectionist that we compare them to our past. And the worst part is, we rush to a decision that would let us regret in the long run.


In reality, searching for Miss Right is a process. It’s not something that you can just pick and say “Hey you’re mine” in the middle of the road where you meet them by chance. It involves courtesy, respect, and interaction to somehow get their attention. And when you have that, it goes along the way smoothly. But the real delimma here is – the place to search for beautiful single women.

With our technology nowadays, a simple click of a button will take you to different dating sites  with hundreds of  single women from Russia, Ukraine, Pero, Colombia, Costa Rica, China, Bangkok, and even the Philippines. These dating sites help single men like you to date these lovely women from all over the world looking for serious relationship. And communicating with these stunning women is easy. All you need to do is to register and you’re good to go.

The question is, are these sites legit?

We often hear people getting scammed by several sites online. Spotting these scam sites are your number one priority. Always be cautious when you try to register to dating sites. And if you feel it’s not legit, research for it. Below are  ten of the best sites which are legit, for you to register and starting finding your one true love:

The sites above we’re reviewed by our dating experts and have proven their worth to be the best in the industry.

All you need to do is visit the sites, register, and start from there!

Now, good luck in finding the woman of your dreams!

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Misconceptions on Foreign Dating

Have you thought of dating someone foreign? Enticed by their culture? Unfortunately, a lot of people miss out on the chance of finding their ideal partner due to misconceptions on foreign dating.

The world today still has uncertainties. It hinders most people in finding a suitable partner. Due to some mainstream media continuously portraying past incidents, some negatives REMAIN.

learn the myths and facts of international dating agenciesKeep an open mind and learn about the truths and lies about international dating agencies.

The truth on foreign dating is far more positive.

  • International dating agencies are reliable and professional.
  • Today’s technological advancements, make it DIFFICULT for the most common scams from the past TO SUCCEED.
  • Both men and women around the world have an understanding on the pros and cons of seeking a foreign partner.


  • You Can’t Trust International Dating Agencies

What most don’t understand, is that using international dating agencies are just as secured as paying your bills online.

understand why you can trust dating agenciesInternational dating agencies is just as secure as online billing portals.

Of course, scams cannot be eliminated completely. All you have to do is some researching about the agency you are keen on joining.

      • Make sure that their numbers are contactable.
      • They won’t request fees just for inquiries on their services.
      • Their site registration is free.

Here are some of the reputable international dating agencies that are worth checking out:

  • The Girls are too Good to be True!

The women in international dating sites profile are mostly of beautiful women. Too beautiful to a point that “it’s too good to be true.”

the girls in dating agencies are too beautiful to be trueThe girls in international dating agencies are nowhere near FAKE. These beautiful women have reasons to pursue foreign men.

These women have reasons to pursue foreign men. Reasons like: there’s not enough men in their country. Russia and Ukraine are known to having women outnumbering the men. This makes it hard for eligible single ladies find a suitable partner.

Most Asian countries are still practicing patriarchal social system and in some cases, especially for the women; they decide to join the agency in hopes of finding someone who would treat them fairly.

  • The Women are in it for the Money
international dating agencies pre-screens the women that joins for matchingAll of the women who joins international dating agencies are looking for real love and assurance.

Although dating agencies are not without flaws the women who register are looking for true love, with thousands of women looking for foreign partners, it is easy to block those who have ulterior motives. One bad apple should not spoil the rest.

  • Marriage doesn’t Last
the women in international dating agencies have different culture from youWhen you want to be with a foreign woman, understand that they have a different culture. But these women who joins dating agencies are family-oriented and marriage-minded that divorce and separation is unlikely to happen.

Your relationship has nothing to do with whether you met through online or through agency nor does your country have anything to do with it. It is a common misconception to think that marriage through foreign dating doesn’t last.

Every relationship has mountains to climb for everything to work.

Communication is the key, followed by understanding and patience. Before you jump into foreign dating, make sure you understand that you’ll need to adapt to your partner’s quirks as she will also adapt to yours. It’s true that culture differences can become an issue within relationships but don’t let that discourage you from fully committing.

  • Foreign Dating is only for the Rich

Most men shy away from foreign dating because they think foreign women prefer those who have money. You can’t be more wrong on this one.

 you don’t need to be rich to enjoy the services of international dating agenciesYou don’t need to be rich to enjoy the services of international dating agencies nor does the women care about it. As long as you’re responsible, financially stable and serious about finding love, no woman would say no to you.

These ladies are looking for a soulmate. Just like you, they are looking for someone they can spend the rest of their life with. Having stability is important not just for women but also for you.

There is nothing wrong in being cautious when it comes to using international dating agencies. But keep a positive and open-mind. Before you dismiss foreign dating, clear your mind from any and all misconceptions.

Ten Signs She Likes You

How will you know your date likes you?

#OnlineDating #DateSites #Signs

Date Sites

You already did your best. Now, what’s next? What should be done? How do we know if the woman is interested in you after contacting her via online dating sites?

online dating sites, date sites

Here Are 10 Signs To Look Out For:

1. Playing with her hair.

If you’re on a date with a girl and everything seems to be going smoothly, chances of them playing with her hair are high. Though sometimes it means nothing.

So, how does playing with her hair help you figure out if she’s into you?

It’s simple. When she plays with her hair accompanied with a sweet smile, that’s a clear sign of her flirting with you. When you notice her constantly fixing her hair, it’s a sign that they want to look good in front of you. These are clear signs that she’s into you.

2. Tries to get your attention.

Women have many ways of…

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The Best Matchmaking Sites Today

Love is not easy to find and sometimes a friendly helping hand in that department is needed. But we’re not always lucky to have a playful friend who’d love to pair us up with their friends.

That’s when professional matchmaking comes in.

Matchmaking, in its simplest sense, is the process of purposely setting up two people to encourage them to get romantically involved with each other. Sort of having a playful bestfriend.

In the online world, matchmaking sites are your playful best-friends. Often offered in packages, rely on the matchmaker’s expertise to pair you with a great match. You will be introduced to highly suitable recommendations, profiled and screened to meet your own criteria.

Matchmaking sites comes in handy to all of us whose seeking for love in a little bit more of a guaranteed way, with too little risk, and a lot of success stories to share. Let’s take a look on the Top Most Sought After Matchmaking Sites on the Internet.


  • It’s Just Lunch!

itsjustlunch.com’s home page


One of the most popular national matchmaking service with a lot of good reviews. It has arranged over 2 Million first dates around the world since 1991. They guarantee “face to face” dates “because it’s the only way to tell if there’s chemistry,” as their motto. The matches are personally handpicked and you won’t see any online profiles.

As a client, you will be interviewed by the company and they’ll arrange dates for you. You’ll have to call to get an overview of their service listings.


  • Master Matchmakers

Mastermatchmakers.com website homepage


A matchmaking company that offers full-service matchmaking; complete with a free consultation, coaching, and other personalized guidance and assistance. The company would send photos and profile to clients they’d think would be a suitable match.

You will be exchanging phone numbers once you accept an introduction, so you can get acquainted of your date before you meet. The rate varies on your needs, budget such as the number of matches and/or coaching sessions purchased, the specific criteria established, who your coach will be, etc.


  • Loveme.com

Loveme.com’s homepage


Is “A Foreign Affairs'” dating website originally leaned towards helping men find beautiful foreign brides. Since its beginning in 1995, it has flourished into a reliable dating service known all over the world for the many success stories featured all over the media.

All the profiles are screened and pre-qualified to meet the sites’ criteria. They also have a sophisticated matching engine to target your search for the best match. A Foreign Affair, considered to be a full-service international dating agency and popularized Country Romance Tours to meet the beautiful women listed on the website, face to face.

The rates are way cheaper than the usual matchmaker since this acts as a middle road of a matchmaker and a usual dating site. Monthly membership is at an affordable price which is credited as a Romance Tour Credit that can be availed when the accumulated amount equals to any tour you like.


  • Events and Adventures

Eventsandadventures.com’s homepage


Events and Adventures is a dating service focusing on group social events to introduce singles. Outings and events are scheduled that members can sign up for to meet and mingle with other singles.

An upfront fee needs to be paid good for a year or two of membership. Register or call to get their service listings.


  • Successful Singles

SuccessfulSingles.com’s homepage


Successful Singles specialized in personalized matchmaking by putting clients on dates with their recommended match. They use a unique one-to-one approach and a Compatibility Profiling System to help professional singles find their best match.

They also cater to divorced singles, single parents and widowed singles find a deserving partner. There’s free phone and in-person consultations, and you’ll start meeting compatible singles within 10 days.

Everyone Deserves to Date, Love, and Marry, Agree?

With the widespread of the issue regarding “gender equality”, the online dating world has found a way to lessen the LGBT’s dismay to forego a love unusual to the sight of others. And that is through creating a perfect haven for them to feel accepted and be loved.


A haven which allows them to take into account the rights given to straight people, the right to love, and the right to be in a relationship with the purpose of achieving happiness and joy.

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. This is a community different from the normal creation of human being. In this world full of judgmental eyes, their stand in the society is uncomely and unstable. While this became a big issue in the society, still, a right is preserved and demanded for them to live normally and look unalienated in the sight of some.

With this ongoing concern, their lack of privilege to act like normal people has left a scar in their hearts and souls. Now, for deep satisfaction, especially with their utmost need for love, affection, and acceptance, dating sites for LGBT arose in the online dating world.

The LGBT community is in need for justice and acceptance based on the negative feedback and opinions they are receiving from the public. This is timely and relevant, so with the emergence of online dating, their chances to feel recognition is very clear. Of course, not only straight people get to make use of the benefits of online dating. Talking about gender equality, LGBT community is beneficial with this also.

Finding a mate in the internet is made possible through dating sites. With a lot of companies launching programs for online dating, still, you should be wise with selecting which site to use. For your convenience, here are some sites that may be a good channel for you to hang out:


Match.com, as we all know is the largest and the no.1 leading online dating site. The site focuses on helping singles find that match and eventually get paired for a relationship.

It is designed to achieve one’s only purpose in dating and finding a perfect partner. This is also a perfect dating site to have someone to date for a good relationship.

Match.com’s opening page.The signup process is simple and easy. You just need to give the information needed. This include the user’s general information, interests, appearance, lifestyle, and background/values. It might be a lengthy signup, but the outcome is pleasing and you’ll definitely have great matches.

Since you are a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or a transgender, you just have to edit the sexual preference. Then you are all ready to go!

One Scene

One Scene is one of the prominent dating sites for LGBT singles. This is a legit dating site operating internationally. This LGBT dating site empowers equality and promotes a downgrade for the discrimination LGBT has been experiencing for years.

For gays and lesbians looking for casual hookups other than getting a serious relationship, One Scene is also a good choice to use.

OneScene’s opening page.The site’s features are accessible and very convenient for users. The creation of a profile is easy. Otherwise you want to begin already with chatting, you can also sign up using your Facebook account.

The top features of One Scene include signing up with Facebook, instant chat, lifestyle insight, even having your list of favorites. In browsing for a chat or connecting with other users around the globe, you can simply use the search option provided in the site.


Grindr’s dating app logo.This famous dating app is designed to help gay men find casual hookups or serious relationship. Created to cater the gay community, Grindr has been operating for 192 countries already.

It has received a lot of awards making it the most-used app for gays. The app works with the geolocation of a user’s device. This allows users to meet and chat other users living or situated nearby.

Grindr’s interface, photo, and profilesGrindr’s interface displays a grid of profile of men with their photos on it. The signup process is pretty simple, you just need to fill up your email address and personalized password. Then uploading a photo since it adds engagement to other users. By clicking their profile, you will know where they are by the display of distance on their photos. You can also add some favorites in this dating app.


AllMale is also one of the famous gay dating sites in operation today. Some of the features involving AllMale are free. This is indeed a user-friendly online gay dating site which is highly recommended for gay men looking for casual dating, social networking and finding relationship.

The signup process is quick and easy. By simply filling out your email address and some personal information, you are up to go and use the valuable service of AllMale. You can also signup by using your Facebook Account, this is much faster than the first option.

AllMale’s home page.Though the users of this site are more Americans, international gay singles can still manage to enter the site and avail of its service. For the purpose of having a good match, a user can provide his interests and the type of individual he wants to date. This is a fast dating site very convenient for the gay community.


With millions of LGBT singles who has entered and signed up for Moovz, this site has been classified as one of the best online dating sites for LGBT. It is also tagged as a hallmark for the top gay and lesbian dating sites in the world.

Moovz’s dating app logo.By using the site; you can share your life events, make new friends, and be part of the growing community of LGBT. This has been reputable in the online dating world because of its ambition to give justice to the discrimination LGBT has experienced. Their goal is to provide acceptance to millions of LGBT all over the globe.

Moovz’s interface and profiles.There are three options upon using the site’s app: “Share Your Thoughts”, “Meet New People”, and “Chat With Your Friends”. Once done with setting up your profile, there will be a small circle right next to your profile photo indicating which country you are situated in.

With using the app, you can actually post a status and your own images. So basically, the apps works like the social networks you have, the only difference is that LGBT’s are the only people in Moovz.

Who Says Seniors Can’t Date?

With the advent of online dating in the digital world, senior dating sites were also launched to help older singles find true love. Its primary purpose is to build a relationship well-founded with both physical and emotional affection. While it is unusual to hear mature single men and women dating ages 50 and above, still it produces a lot of good marriages.

Made solely to provide contentment for mature and older individuals, online dating sites for seniors have been very successful and prosperous.

For some mature singles, when they reach the age of 50, it would be better to just sit on a rocking chair by the porch, read magazines, do stitching, sew quilts, and be single forever. No way! That sounds so isolated! Why not get romantic? What about sitting on a porch holding hands with someone you love? Or reading magazines together with a partner? Or be married for time and forever?

For seniors, chances are real if they get involved with some online dating sites. A lot of choices are laid intended for their satisfaction. Though there are some other ways to meet a lifetime partner, like going on sports affairs, go sailing or cruising, attend book clubs, etc., online dating is considered the fastest way for a forefront marriage.

To appoint a dating site to use, we name some for your convenience.
Here are the choices:

SeniorMatch is considered as the largest and most successful dating site for older singles. It has been in operation for many years and has marked the top as the fastest and the most-used amongst dating sites for seniors.

It is designed to provide valuable service for mature singles, ages 50 and over. The site is made solely for that age range and not for men and women on 30’s or 40’s. SeniorMatch does not fit for casual hookups, which is the reason why younger adults are strictly not allowed to enter and use the service.

Senior Match opening page.Meanwhile, the membership for SeniorMatch is free. But, for further usage and having a wide range of its service, subscribing or upgrading your membership is very possible. Of course, it is done by paying monthly.

To meet women means to look for some places or must-dos, things should be done to find someone to date. And being in a cooking class is a must-do for every single men.

OurTime.com is a prominent dating site made exclusively for mature singles over 50. Its main goal is to promote lasting companionship among users who are in need of serious partner.

The site is one of the reputable dating sites for seniors. This is indeed safe and very accessible for the users. The site has already recorded over a million of users and has produced good matches as a result of the company’s features and functions.

OurTime opening page.To find good matches, the site has been made simpler for the member’s convenience. They also introduced the video and audio greeting to make a user’s profile more engaging. In addition, they offered the live chat, sending “flirts” to other users, and the help section to cater inquiries if difficulties might arise while using the site.

SeniorPeopleMeet is a legit site intended for senior dating. This is a popular dating site for men and women aged 50 and above. This is a very accessible site because of its friendly features made to give convenience for non tech-savvy users.

This senior dating site was founded by People Media, an online dating service specializing in the dating industry. The signup process is pretty simple. Since OurTime.com and SeniorPeopleMeet are powered by the same company, you can absolutely sign up by using your OurTime.com username and password.

SeniorPeopleMeet opening page.The site’s features include sending flirts, marking favorites, sending video and audio messages, live chats, filter choices and even view who viewed your profile. They also have the “Who’s Online Now” feature, which makes chatting to other users simpler and faster.

Tagged as one of the best online dating sites for seniors is Senior Friend Finder. This site is not only for finding someone to date but having to chat and meet someone to marry.

This site aims in ending one’s single life through its promising service and features. The site caters mature men and women in creating a meaningful and well-established relationship.

SeniorFriendFinder opening page.Senior FriendFinder has real people who take serious study on every profile being registered each day. This ensures safety to other users with the widespread of scamming in the online dating world.

Some of the features this site offer includes:

      1. Chat rooms – where you can go and communicate with a lot of possible prospect to date;
      2. Instant messaging – where you can be more private in your conversation with a user;
      3. Access to photo galleries – in this way you can choose from the large sets of pictures which serves as your matches.
      4. 24/7 customer service – a hotline if you encounter a problem with your usage of the dating site.



Made for professionals and busy personals, Elite Singles also caters mature singles and claims as one of the biggest online dating sites for seniors. This is exclusively for singles who has attained possible educational level and having a respected profession.

Established in 2008, the site is well-known for its Personality Test which extracts a person’s background or details to fully produce a perfect match. The Personality Test involves with various questions in relation to a user’s interest, behaviour, characteristics, and traits

This is marketable so there are a lot of visitors of the said site. For a senior looking for someone who has a higher achievement in life, being involved with Elite Singles is a smart move for you. The process of signing up might be lengthy but it gives good and impressive outcome to the user.

Elite Singles opening page.Should there be inquiries regarding your usage with the site, you can contact customer support through email, phone call, or by mailing. A lot of intelligent features are also offered in this site, to name some: a user receive matches they can consider chatting with, a user can track who viewed their profiles, keeping a log of favorites, a blog consisting of advices and helpful tips in dating.

Where to Take Your Date for New Year’s Eve?

Looking for ways to welcome the new year with a blast?

Seeking for tips on how to meet the new year with your romantic partner?

date ideas

Excitement is what new year brings. ‘Tis season to be more hopeful and make new resolutions. For all, the new year is a blessing nobody could deny. For love, this is something to cherish. So how can you celebrate the new year with your online date? Here are some tips or date ideas you might want to consider and follow:

  • Group Date – For some, they call this as the “potluck party”. This is where you invite other couples to come to your place and share the dishes you’ve prepared. This is an enjoyable thing to do which is also good for fun date ideas. This form of date will not just lessen your expenses but will also allow you to meet new acquaintances. This is a great way to welcome the new year.
  • Dinner Together – This romantic approach is a smart way to your new year’s Eve date. Yes, this might be always done to any celebration but we cannot deny the fact that this brings love and affection together. You can talk about the whole year you’ve celebrated together. You can talk about the experiences you’ve had for the year that’s coming to an end. After a romantic dinner, you can go sip some wine and sit near a fireplace while listening to a new year themed music. How amazing would that be?
  • Tour around the city – This is a special way for your date night. You can go do road trips and witness some beautiful Christmas lights in the city or other areas. Touring around the city with small chats about what you see around will help you and your partner get close to each other. A good start to create a happy relationship.
  • Visit a theme park – This is one of the great date ideas you could do if you wish to welcome the new year with your date. This is not a costly idea to do. Less expenses and a lot of enjoyment. It is expected that most theme parks celebrate new years in a majestic way. So having yourselves involved with theme parks will not only give you the sense of togetherness but excitement also.
  • Go Clubbing – For those couple who prefer going out and loves nightlife, clubbing is a sure answer. If you want to celebrate new year’s forthcoming in a wild and thrilling way then going to clubs is a must. This is one of the date ideas for couple who loves hanging out and enjoys being with a lot of people.
  • Backyard Dinner – Enjoy a cozy picnic or a romantic dinner in your backyard. Enjoy a quality time with each other by lying in the blanket you can prepare and talk about your year. This is even more romantic by witnessing majestic fireworks when welcoming the new year.

These are some suggestions you might want to consider in celebrating the coming year. Take into account these date ideas for your new year’s eve date. Follow the tips and welcome the new year with a romantic and meaningful date.


Are You Using Online Dating Sites?

There are numerous reasons why people use online dating sites. But regardless of these reasons, it boils down to love and marriage. For some, it’s just a waste of time. While others see it as an avenue to a long lasting relationship. Believe it or not, countless couples coming from dating sites marched on the aisles and say “I DO!”


Before jumping in to the bandwagon, try to ask yourself if it’s really necessary to use online dating sites such as LoveMe.com, Angels of Passion, City of Brides, Arm Trophy, among others. Will those sites serve their purpose? Will it give you the exact partner you need? Or will it just give you false promises like other dating sites around?

DateSites have compiled reasons why most single men use online dating sites. Consider these reasons as a reminder if you are still sailing on a ship longing for your forever.

  • Looking for a serious relationship.
  • Looking for casual dating (nothing serious).
  • Looking for fun! (hook-up and the likes).
  • I don’t have time to find a date.
  • My friends are using it too!
  • I don’t want feel left out.
  • I’m just curious. (I want to see what it’s like).
  • I’m only using it to meet new friends!
  • I want a chance to date a foreigner.

Needless to say, you are still in control of your fate! Love cannot be arranged. Instead it comes in the right moment where you would least expect it. Whether your curiosity pushes you off the wall, one thing is for sure, online dating sites will stay.




Are You Dating Someone this Christmas?

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. Whether you are single, married, or in a relationship; it’s the best season to show your love or appreciation. A good time to reconcile, forgive, rectify, and resolve issues between relatives, friends, and even workmates. Moreover, the holiday is the perfect moment to surprise your date. Isn’t it?

date sites, dating experts, online dating

Planning a date this season takes courage and conviction to pull it through. Aside from the holiday rush, prepping yourself takes so much time. Of course, you don’t want to look as if Santa didn’t even knock your door right? Then here comes the venue! Where will you take your date? How can you make it memorable and special? Can you afford an extravagant date? Would you go for a dinner or a movie? Oops! You’re in trouble! You need help badly from the experts.

It wouldn’t hurt your pride if someone comes in and tell you what to do before making an impression on your date this season. Consider it as a friendly advice! Here are 10 best tips from our dating experts before going out of your abode:

  1. Set a date! It’s the first thing to do. Ask your date’s availability then plan it ahead.
  2. Always make a reservation! It’s the protocol! Make sure to call first if you plan to go to a restaurant or even a movie house.
  3. Makeover. When everything is set, damn man, don’t just sit back and wait for the date. Get out and have yourself pampered. Get a facial, a haircut, or anything that would make you look and feel good!
  4. Prepare a surprise! It’s always a good thing to give something to your date. Either a flower, a gift, or any token that would symbolize your appreciation.
  5. Fetch and drop! They say first impression last. So better believe it though! It would be awesome to fetch and drop your date right in front of their house.
  6. Be a gentleman. Guess what? Attitude matters! Always be the man you are. Trust me, the girls love someone who will open the car door for them.
  7. Start a conversation politely. Admit or not, girls are talkative by nature while boys are active listeners. Always start a good conversation where both of you can relate.
  8. Focus on your date. Don’t get distracted by your phone, the people around, or anything that would catch your attention.
  9. It’s always your call. It’s impolite if you ask the bill from your date.
  10. Enjoy! Just be yourself and enjoy the moment.