Dating and Religion

For many years, dating has been an integral part of our lives. We do not find our partner without dating. We do not seek for a promising marriage without dating as a starting point. We do not obtain happiness without undergoing the usual dating actions needed to be done.


Today, traditional dating has elevated to greater heights. From a traditional way of courtship, it has advanced to a more convenient and exciting manner, which is online dating. Looking back, in the early 70’s or so, this system was literally absent. Human’s way to get a wife was through group dating, sometimes through having new acquaintances. Although this is still seen in our generation, the difference online dating gives is just huge and impressive. With a lot of dating sites waving in the internet, a promise of tying the knot is visible.

This fact might lure away people that these dating sites do not consider the values of the golden ages. Well, this is wrong. This is where valued and faith-based sites come out. Have you heard about What about LDSSingles?

These religious dating sites were made with the same goals other date sites have. But the only difference is that dating is based on the faith of users. Say for example, christian dating. One of the sites which accordingly practice christian dating is This specializes in matching other christians with christians of other denominations. This is a helpful tool for those who seek marriage which involves beliefs under Christianity.

But how does religion affect dating? What are some religious teachings that may be a big help in finding for a potential partner?

An image of a candle.

Religion is defined as the belief or worship of an omnipotent being, especially with of Gods. It is an important component of all living things in this world. It gives the morality of a person grow up. It is one ingredient to attain a valued deed or trait. It is what makes a person more respected and justifiable because of its teachings and principles being taught.

Needless to say, what makes a successful marriage is through the teachings taught by a certain religion. But of course, it needs to be applied. The practices being observed from a lot of religion serves as an instrument to accordingly achieve a peaceful and righteous living.

Examples are: showing modesty in front of other people, observes respect to all family members, or even a continual learning both spiritually and temporally. These are some values or teachings taught in most denominations. And these are truly capitalized in online dating sites.

Yes, it is a hindrance to date someone who don’t have the same beliefs as you have. You might get into a conflict of religion-debating. You might not have that firm understanding, an understanding which is needed in a relationship. In short, you might depart ways eventually.

This is where religious dating sites show up. And often tagged as the best remedy for an ailing love story.

More and more people have delved into dating sites these millennial days. It has become a comfort zone for a love that never even developed. It has been a mind opener for someone who believes love doesn’t exist.

While this is a fact that continues to allure people, we are also acquainted with dating sites based solely in religion.

In order to obtain a happy and soulful living, a family should be founded in the teachings of Christ. It is by faith we attain the goodness in life. This is the essence of the religious dating sites in the internet. It is the emblem of having a fortunate and a beyond ordinary home. Aside from these site’s advocacy to promote a good marriage, it matches by religion or Christians. This is a very helpful means to end the dilemma or hindrance being raised above.

Just like, an LDS (Mormons) based dating site made solely to pair LDS Christian with other Mormons, became a trusted site because of its fulfilling service to users. Marriages were observed and will continue giving the best service to a lot of Mormons. Another site is, a dating site for Jews looking for friendship, romance and more. Its purpose is to adhere Jews the proper usage of dating and the possibilities herein.

As a conclusion, dating based on religion is somewhat an opportunity to share the beliefs of a certain denomination. This gives religion a chance to nurture users and see the blessings one can achieve if dating is done through observing the teachings, doctrine, ethics, and principles given from heaven.

Dating and religion, two different fields but produces a successful relationship and an ideal home or family.


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