Four Unconventional Wedding Destinations in the World

For most people, getting married is a huge milestone that marks a new chapter in life. In most cases, men and women already have a general idea of how they want their wedding to go, including elements like the overall aesthetic, the list of guests to invite, what kind of food to serve, and the list goes on. One of the most important aspects of wedding planning, however, includes deciding where the ceremony and reception should take place.

When deciding on the venue, however, most couples usually want someplace that is truly unique, to ensure that the event is as memorable as possible. To help with this aspect, here are four of the most unconventional wedding destinations in the world.


Point Imperial, United States

For the adventurous couple, having their wedding take place outdoors seems like a dream come true. Located at the highest viewpoint within the Grand Canyon National Park, Point Imperial is about 8,800 ft high and offers a spectacular view overlooking the entire area. This makes for some great photo opportunities, especially considering the great lighting that the great outdoors provides. It should be noted, however, that securing various special permits is necessary and should be processed at least a few months beforehand.

Ice Hotel in Lapland, Sweden

For a truly unusual wedding experience, consider putting on the warmest wedding dress and suit, and travel to the Ice Hotel located in Lapland, Sweden. The location provides a whole new meaning to the term white wedding and one notable feature is how the clear iced church is rebuilt each year. This occurs because the structure melts away during springtime, which strengthens its significance significantly.


Located in a largely remote area in Sweden, the church is constructed from the snow and ice that gathers at the nearby Torne River. Since it’s a hotel, you can have your honeymoon in the same spot as well.

Tutbury Castle, United Kingdom

For a truly royal wedding ceremony, consider booking the Tutbury Castle, which can be found in Staffordshire, England. Despite its luxurious sounding name, the structure is actually largely composed of ruined components of medieval aesthetic, which only adds to its overall appeal. The castle is also a tourist destination, which attracts thousands of guests each year. Furthermore, the location is known to be one of the oldest and most famous haunted buildings in the UK, which makes it the ideal spot for horror and supernatural aficionados.


The New York Public Library, New York City, USA

Brides and grooms who are bookworms by heart will truly appreciate having their wedding to take place at a shared haven that they are surely well-acquainted with. The New York Public Library as the name suggests is located in the bustling city of New York in the United States.

Branded as the second largest public library within the country, it contains a plethora of highly important literature, including books of cultural and historical value. In order to have your most memorable day take place in the library, however, you must first provide the necessary documents.


This includes passing a brief outline of your planned ceremony and acquiring an official permit from the local government. Once all this has been accomplished, one will simply schedule the ceremony itself, depending on the waiting list that is currently in order.

Weddings are memorable occasions that hold a lot of value to not only the couple but their closest family and friends. By finding the most ideal spot, it ensures that the ceremony is a truly momentous and noteworthy celebration.


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