5 Natural Aphrodisiacs to Spice Up Your Relationship

Intimacy is an important part of any relationship and most of it has to do with the amount of time you spend inside the bedroom. Romancing and showing your partner how much you love and value her can be expressed in a lot of ways, but none are quite as effective as demonstrating it in bed. In fact, some men will go out of their way in actively seeking out alternative medicine or illegal products in an effort to increase their potency during lovemaking.

However, most of these products are deemed too unhealthy and carries with it a lot of health risks and side effects as well. Recklessness in selecting the wrong products and not taking it with the prescribed dosage can lead to more serious side effects and some of which, are irreversible. If you would like to spice up your relationship and increase your performance, here are 7 safe and all-natural aphrodisiacs to try out instead.



Often labeled as the king of nuts, almonds have a lot of benefits since it contains protein, calcium, and vitamins B2 and E. However, consuming almonds for the purpose of increasing sexual prowess is a practice that the Chinese and Arabs have been doing for centuries now. Almonds are great for increasing your libido and can even multiply the sperm count in males, especially when consumed a few hours before sexual activity. Not only that, these nuts are great for improving brain activity and are great for the heart as well.


Meals you can prepare or eat with almonds: Almond crusted tilapia, different types of salads, shortbread, waffles, pancakes, crackers, cobbler, granola bars, chicken tetrazzini, and other desserts like chocolates or cakes.


Otherwise referred to as the apple of love, tomatoes are naturally scrumptious and incredibly versatile ingredients that can be used in different ways. You can enjoy them with a nice bowl of salad, as an ingredient in a warm serving of soup, or even as a beverage. Despite its popularity and frequent usage, not many people know that eating tomatoes is a great way to increase sexual performance. This occurs because the ingredient helps with boosting your muscle control and is great for treating pre-sex jitters, especially when it’s your first time with a partner. Plus, increased muscle control is useful for performing a number of positions in bed too.


Meals you can prepare or eat with tomatoes: Burgers, pizza, varied kinds of salads, pasta, cornbread, sandwiches, curry poached eggs, caprese stacks, tarts, gazpacho, chicken mole, guacamole, chicken parmesan, panzanella, and even spicy frozen bloody marys.


Honey is a sweet tasting elixir, which is produced by bees and is referred to in some cultures as the food of the gods. Due to the way that the bees gather nectar from different species of flowers and how they produce it, the substance can come in thousands of varied aromas too. From having a very strong chestnut flavor, to emitting a milder lavender scent, the ingredient smells as good as it tastes. Furthermore, honey is widely accepted as a natural aphrodisiac, since it can provide copious amounts of energy when lovemaking. However, it should be noted that honey that has been filtered or heated will not work as well as those that are all-natural and raw instead.


Meals you can prepare or eat with honey: Pancakes, sticky chicken wings, grilled nectarine, blue cheese bruschetta, honey glazed donuts, kale salad, brined grilled shrimp, glazed carrots, glazed salmon, glazed almonds, sesame cookies, pork tenderloin, bread, flan cake, lacquered ribs, and pancetta crisps.


Avocados have increased in popularity in the recent years and can be used for a plethora of meals and beverages as well. Not only does it taste good and emits a pleasant odor, its soft texture makes it easy to consume and is versatile in terms of its preparation as well. It contains protein, potassium, and vitamins A and E. Moreover, the fruit has a sensuous function as well, since it is known for increasing sexual appetite and the intensity of orgasms too.


Meals you can prepare or eat with avocado: Tostada, buckwheat pancake, sandwiches or toast, all kinds of salads, smashed chickpeas, soup, balsamic wrap, grilled chicken, shiitake spring rolls, white chicken chili, pasta, enchiladas, lime salmon, mac and cheese, rice balls, burgers, and even desserts like brownies and key lime pie.


Eggs are a staple when it comes to breakfast foods and is already vastly popular for containing a high amount of protein. Not only that, eggs are considered strong sexual stimulants too and go well with all kinds of food because it can be prepared in numerous ways. Nonetheless, adding a bit of butter when preparing eggs will help add an extra boost a few hours before intercourse, since it gives the body extra fuel for added energy. It is also known for boosting testosterone levels and can be sensual desserts for women too, which can help both you and your partner reach the peak in your combined sexual energies.


Meals you can prepare or eat with avocado: Different sorts of salads, brown rice bowls, sandwiches, kimchi with fried rice, french onion frittata, pesto, curry with cherry tomatoes, hot and sour soup, spiced lentils, green shakshuka, udon soup, pappardelle with mushrooms, burgers, pizza, tofu.


All in all, stated above are some natural aphrodisiacs that you can consume to increase your performance in between the sheets. These ingredients are not only healthy for you, they can be found in any grocery store, and you most likely already have it at home. So the next time you plan on preparing dinner or eating out with your significant other, consider trying out these out, and she’ll surely notice the difference.



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