Five Traits Women Seek in Men

When it comes to dating and relationships, different types of men often have the same underlying question that plagues their mind and that is, “What do women want?” Despite the countless romcom flicks, impassioned works of literature, and numerous love songs crafted on the subject, a lot of men still remain clueless as to how women think and what drives their emotions.


While it’s true that each woman is different in many ways, there is an existing set of qualities that nearly all ladies, value or look for in a potential partner. So while you may never really know what goes on in their heads, you at least have an idea of which attributes are most important to them. In line with this, here are the five traits that single women seek in men while dating:


In this fast-paced world, men and women are often in a hurry when it comes to finding the one. This is most evident in the prominence of online dating apps and sites that advertise finding your soulmate within a few taps on your mobile. However, the influx of these platforms has also made it easier to find more than one partner to date- often at the same time. This brings with it plenty of issues for modern couples since there is always the little voice at the back of each partner’s head that questions, “Is he/she actually faithful to me?”


Being physically and emotionally faithful is highly important for women, as it also reflects your commitment to the bond that you share. Ultimately, marriage is the end goal for plenty of women, and they really appreciate men who are not only committed to them but are expressive of it as well.

Strong Paternal Instincts

As aforementioned before, the goal in dating for most men and women is to find someone to spend the rest of their lives with. Following this logic, it normally includes beginning a new chapter together as a family. Due to this, expressing strong fatherly instincts is often a turn on for many women because it shows an interest and desire to become a parent in the near future.


Nonetheless, it does not necessarily have to do with having your own kid at this point or telling her upfront that you would like to have your own kids one day. This quality can be expressed in many ways, such as expressing concern for her sick nephew or talking about your favorite cousin that recently started preschool this year. Showing your concern or expressing patience when dealing with children sets you up as a good role model, especially for your future kids together.

Attentive Listener

Have you ever experienced being too busy with work or other responsibilities and finally meeting a close friend for the first time in several months? In this type of scenario, you will usually have a lot to say, with so many topics and things to talk about that you would like to share with them. However, when they’re on their mobile more than half the time, it can get quite frustrating on your end.


Not only is it rude, it shows their disinterest in what you have to say or share with them. Well, the same logic can be applied when it comes to dating as well. When she’s generally having a bad day, or simply bubbling with so many little things to tell you about what happened that day,  exude some interest in listening to what she’s telling you.

Lending your ears and paying attention to the little things helps her feel secure and important in your eyes, especially since you’re dedicating your time and energy in what she has to say. So the next time you meet at her favorite coffee shop, put down your phone and ask her, “How was your day?” she will truly appreciate it.

Selfless Intimacy

When it comes to spending time alone in the bedroom, women often expect their partners to perform well between the sheets. However, it’s not the size or endurance that matters most to them, but how selfless a man can be when pleasing them in bed. The fact of the matter is, most sexual content like adults films and bedroom paraphernalia has always been geared towards the interests and desires of men; and seldom focuses on the opposite gender.


In line with this, try paying more attention when in between the sheets to find out what she wants or enjoys. Be open-minded and communicative when it comes to kinks and fantasies, but also set clear boundaries for you both. When giving extra attention or effort, do so without expecting anything in return.

Pecuniary Independence

This attribute does not necessarily have to do with how much money you make, but relates to financial independence and success, more so. According to a recent survey conducted by Princeton, one in five women have reported that a man’s success in his career is a large determining factor in how attractive he is.  Having a good career shows that you have actual goals in life and have the talent and passion to follow your dreams.


Furthermore, having a high earning potential also means being financially independent as an adult. Knowing how to handle your expenses is important and shows you’re practical-minded too. This is a very good trait to possess, especially when the time comes when starting a family can be seen in your near future together as a couple.




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